E-PROCEEDING INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ART ACADEMIC FORUM 2023 Bridging and Connecting The Nations to Leverage The Insight of Art Faculty Of Visual Arts, Indonesia Institute Of The Arts (ISI) Yogyakarta

Editor: Nandang Septian dan Patrisius Edi Prasetyo

ISBN : 978-623-5884-37-0

Tahun terbit: 2023

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The global development of the art world has broken traditional boundaries, expandingbeyond local areas to encompass international realms. This evolution, driven by advancements intechnology and changing times, has transformed art into a complex entity with new values. Thediversity of art development is influenced by the surrounding environment and elements within theart world. Educators and researchers in the art field are encouraged to actively participate indiscussions to enrich artistic existence and contribute to human civilization. An academic forum isestablished to facilitate interdisciplinary discussions, involving fine arts, crafts, multimedia, anddesign. The collaboration with local and international universities aims to foster a deeperunderstanding of various art genres. The engagement of diverse disciplines is expected to generatemultiple interpretations, leading to valuable conclusions that contribute to overcoming differencesand offering new perspectives on art development. The objectives of the forum include strengtheningcooperation with partner universities, deepening the understanding of art development in SoutheastAsia and Asia, building art discourse, sharing experiences and knowledge, and contributing to humancivilization through the advancement of art. The activities are scheduled from August 19th–22nd, 2023,at the Faculty of Visual Arts, ISI Yogyakarta, and Alana Hotel Yogyakarta. Participants include facultymembers, invited guests from partner universities (Silpakorn University Thailand, UiTM Malaysia,Shanghai Art Collection Museum, ITB, ISI Denpasar, UKDW, & UNY Yogyakarta) and students from theFaculty of Visual Arts ISI Yogyakarta. The ultimate goal is to establish Southeast Asia and Asia asinfluential forces in global visual arts.